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  • The catalyst for the transformation of serious strength athletes, from amateur to professional
  • The TRUE functional training as it is REALLY done by elite athletes competing at Olympic level in heavy athletics
  • The best ways to prevent injuries and gain time while avoiding most errors and issues
  • The best thought-out sports nutrition for maximal strength and power
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Livre - Musculation les fondamentaux

Musculation les fondamentaux

"Emmanuel Legeard has written a genial book thanks to the splendid anatomical drawings, very accurate tables and to the text work which is remarkably exhaustive, while being very well written and an easy read at the same time." - Jean Texier, Le Monde du muscle, Muscle magazine, and French 'legend of physical culture' (Ben Weider).

Auteur : Emmanuel Legeard
Editeur : Amphora - 2008 (out of print)

Livre - Force entrainement et musculation

Force entrainement & musculation

"I have read (Emmanuel Legeard's) book quite a few times and every time I re-read it I find something more in it." - Christophe Broutin, Elite Judo Fighter, Drug-Free World Powerlifting Champion.

Auteur : Emmanuel Legeard
Editeur : Amphora - 2005 (out of print)

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Emmanuel Legeard

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